Evolving Voice
Evolving Voice is a new kind of social venture that empowers people to find, use, and evolve their voices for good online and in real life.


Evolving Voice’s product line is unique and unfamiliar to new customers.


Show the relationship between products on the Shop page to explain their purpose - removable patches that velcro to bags so you can share your voice.


New customers immediately understand the relationship between the products and, more importantly, the purpose of Evolving Voice.

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How We Solved The Problem

Hooey allows people to search the bars or restaurants near them, connect with matches, and then meet them on the spot.


We Engaged with Customers

Evolving voice is packed with animations, videos, and interactive elements that bring customers in, keep them engaged, and lead them away satisfied.

FireWire Trade
FireWire Trade

We Explained The Purpose

Each product has an animation that shows it being used with its complement - customers know from the get go that adhesive patches can be added and removed to customize their bags.


We Made Sales Happen

The site may look great, but it also performs great too - and that's what really matters at the end of the day. Selling a unique product isn't easy, but it's fun.

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