FireWire is a mobile app solution for New York Fire Department firefighters to track their schedule and trade their shifts using a unique trade board system. It also allows for the public to stay up to date on related news.
The Problem

New York City Firefighters had an outdated system of trading shifts - it was a coffee stained notebook.

Their Goal

Build a seamless way to trade shifts and allow firefighters to have more flexibility in their work schedules.

Our Solution

Our mobile product first looks to post trades within a battalion, then within a house, and ultimately to others within the city. The trade board filters the proposed trades by rank so that different firefighters do not trade outside their rank.
Video Demo

Capabilities of Fire Wire

Fire Wire was created for a FDNY firefighter. The app is capable of allowing firefighters to easily keep track of shifts as well as the shifts of their partners.


Firefighters First

FireWire makes it easy for firefighters to keep track of shifts because it has specific options for shifts and keeps track of vacation hours, overtime hours, and which shifts you've had and when.

FireWire Trade
FireWire Trade

No More Trade Books

FireWire's Trade Board allows firefighters to keep track of who they've switched with and when they've switched trades, as well as post the requested shift change to a public forum. From the forum, trades can be proposed, approved, and declined.


Fire Watch for All

The Fire Wire section of the app, open to the public, shows a live feed of fire news and dispatched so you can stay informed.

FireWire Feed
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