Hooey is a location-based dating application seeking to bring personal connection back to the industry. Stressing the importance of in person communication, Hooey is performing well in the space.


Dating applications take the personal aspect out of meeting new people.


Build a way for people to meet in person at the bar or restaurant they're at.


Hooey uses geolocation to make new connections with those around you.

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How We Solved The Problem

Hooey allows people to search the bars or restaurants near them, connect with matches, and then meet them on the spot.


We Brought People Together

Unlike most dating apps that lead to digital connections that may or may not go anywhere, Hooey only matches you with people within walking distance.

FireWire Trade
FireWire Trade

We Facilitated Connections

For each location, you can browse who's inside and read their public information to see if they're a good match. A sleek UI makes profile's look that much better.


We Helped Seal the Deal

We made it easy to show your interest and respond to potential connections to make sealing the deal a seamless process.

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