Google Home x Quickbooks
Voice-over Quickbooks allows account professionals to efficiently and effectively handle tedious operations without having to navigate the Quickbooks interface from their device. Professionals often manage numerous accounts, meaning moving back and forth between them involves repeating the same functions, which calls for a better solution.
Up2Code collaborated with the president of Karen Rand Associates to define a MVP based on the needs of his firm, knowing other account professionals had similar frustrations.

Over the course of 6 weeks, Up2Code met with various accounting firms across New York City to learn about their pain points and how they might be solved. A recurring theme was the need to traverse many accounts for their clients for answers that should be readily available.

One example is needing to determine if an invoice was paid to a client. Whereas this process may normally require accessing their books, locating the invoice, and checking its status, our integration allows professionals to simply ask, "Hey Google, did Company X pay Up2Code's invoice?"
Product Strategy

Knowing What to Ask

Sometimes what's most important is asking the right questions. Although we were building this product for the head of a NYC accounting firm, we knew that we needed outside input on which features to build first and how best to build them.

Voice tech can be tricky to define the proper commands, given that people don't generally speak the exact same. So, we had to decide how flexible our commands could be, and how to map similar phrases to a single function.

Business Strategy

Entering a New Market

Once our product was defined, our challenge was to launch a product in a new arena. Given that we've launched mobile products across a number of industries and in various markets, we felt confident, but needed to make sure we were prepared for success.

The real challenge was narrowing the size of the market to not just those in the professional accounting space, but also those with access to a Google Home in the office. Otherwise, there would be an additional on-boarding cost for new users.


Simplifying the Workplace

In the end, our Quickbooks integration was launched for a few willing NYC firms as a test of the market. The product received praise for its performance and creative approach to an apparent problem.

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