The VeloChair was developed by founder Kenneth Simons after he was diagnosed with Ossification Posterior Longitudinal Ligament, or OPLL, in his early 50s. A lifelong runner and downhill skier, Simons could no longer bear weight on his legs for an extended period of time. He found that most current mobility devices did not promote his activity, which prompted him to create the VeloChair and restore his sense of independence. With a new product, Ken and the Velochair team knew that e-commerce would play a large role in their success.
The VeloChair team approached Up2Code after manufacturing their first bulk order. With a growing demand, VeloChair needed a digital presence for consumers to learn about and purchase VeloChairs.

The Velochair is a type of a wheelchair that most people have never seen. Therefore, product display is very important to ensure the features and differentiating factors of the product are clear to all site traffic. One of the biggest challenges we had to overcome was to be able to display all the amazing features of the chair in an easily digestible way as to not overwhelm users.

Up2Code worked with VeloChair to design and build a website to explain VeloChair's offerings and sell their flagship product. After pushing the site live, Up2Code then launched Google Ad campaigns to test consumer behavior on the site and iterate based on the insights.

The digital strategy process used for VeloChair is outlined, below. You can also view the live website at:

Design Solution

Our solution was to create an interactive chair that would allow the user to select various hotspots on the chair to reveal more information about specific parts and mechanics of the product.

This allows the user to freely choose which aspects of the product they wish to know more about.

VeloChair Details

Digital Ad Strategy

Once we finished the initial design of the site, we set out to test the effectiveness. After all, websites are living things that constantly need to be tested and optimized. So we pushed it live and proposed to run a Google Ad campaign to drive traffic so that we would have more data to make decisions on some of our assumptions.

Weekly analytics reports
keep everyone Up2Date

At the beginning of each campaign, we outline specific key performance indicators (KPI's), to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Each week, we'll make a report of how the KPI's are performing relative to the previous week so that both parties can measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Based on these KPI metrics, we'll iterate the campaign to continually increase its

Analytics Report

Ad insights shape business and product decisions.

After running an initial Google Ad campaign, we learned a few key insights about user preferences regarding VeloChair's website.

VeloChair Analytics
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